Family reunification accounts for nearly two-thirds of lawful permanent migration to the United States: it’s the largest avenue by which people receive admission to the country.

Yet, family separation remains a part of daily living for countless immigrants. And current legislative efforts at Comprehensive Immigration Reform is focusing on family unity as a key component of any new immigration policy.

Reporter Sean Powers examines the issues facing lawmakers… and families.

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One thought on “Family Reunification

  1. I believe that many in the Hispanic/Latino ciummnoty are mislead by believing that a particular political party is interested in our needs. Until now the only people who have cared about our needs for immigration reform have been individuals (both from the left and the right). We cannot as a ciummnoty of believers throw our support to one particular party that gives lip service to Hispanics in the elections, but once in power do absolutely nothing to help the immigrant ciummnoty. Neither Obama nor McCain are interested at this moment to do anything about immigration. Unfortunately, until Hispanics become a more relevant political force in America we will continue to get empty promises from both the left and the right!

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