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  1. To the exdellent journalists on Latino USA: My husband and I are faithful listeners to your fine program, each Saturday evening here in Rochester, New York from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M.
    All your programs inform and educate your listeners, but tonight’s program (1/23/21) on GOYA and the Mexican/Trump connection is simply great. Yours is one of the finest news programs on.PBS.
    I followed the GOYA brouhaha last year, but I knew little more than the friendship (odious to me) between GOYA and Trump. For a while, I stopped buying Goya olive oil! The facts about the company you provided tonight open my eyes to to even darker aspects of GOYA. Amazing journalism! Thank you!
    The segment on Mexico informs and educates. I wish ALL Americans had listened tonight to your program!
    The journalist who wrote the article about the seeming alliance between Trump and the Mexican president had courage. She presented facts, and they aren’t pretty.
    Americans could probably guess at why the Mexican president had to bow to Trump’s border wall, but so startling and revelatory to hear the facts, the truth, by the brave journalist..
    Latino USA distinguishes itself with outstanding coverage of important issues. You are not afraid to dig deeply down into the roots of the stories you cover, stories that matter to all of us. I trust your reporters, your journalists, your managers: your listeners can count on you to be well educated, to know the facts and truth about all the subjects you cover. You can count on me to tell other folks about your outstanding program.
    Thank you for your hard work. .

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