A unique character among Latino politicians is San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. Castro is from a family of politicos — his twin brother is in the Texas House, his mother Rosie is a longtime political activist. And he may well be the kind of Latino politician we’ll see more of as the demographics of the U.S. continue to change. He talks with Maria about identity politics and ethnicity.

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Maria profiled Mayor Julian Castro for BBC World News America on Monday 1 November. Watch the segment here.

One thought on “Julian Castro

  1. I took at look at his campaign web page amidttedly in its early stages but I would warn him against saying lowering taxes on small business. This usually is explained by saying small businesses create the majority of new jobs and thus lower taxes will help in job creation .well .sort of. It is the small AND expanding or growing businesses that actually create new jobs. Many small businesses stay just that: small think of a physicians office or a small law firm they are small, yes, but will they contribute to job growth: not really instead we should think about giving incentives and opportunities to young (and espeically working class and minority) entrepreneurs. That would be an economic policy that would be beneficial, progressive and what America needs saying lowering taxes on small business make him sound no different from the Tea Party.

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