As presidential elections approach, new voter ID laws being enacted in several states could make it harder for younger, minority and low-income voters to cast their ballots. This week, Maria Hinojosa speaks to Steven Carbó, Senior Program Director in the Democracy Program at Demos, about how these new laws could affect Latino voters.

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Steven Carbó is the Senior Program Director in the Democracy Program at Demos. The program he directs helps support policy makers and activists with applied research, policy analysis and organizing assistance. He has worked at community, state and federal levels in advancing civil rights, social justice, and community economic development.

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  1. Remember how the right wingers said bucaese President Obama came to a fundraiser at Bill Ayers’ home for his presidential run .it meant that Obama supported what Ayers did decades ago (even though he was only 7 years old at the time Ayers was blowing up doors and ended up killing 3 of his own instead)? And remember when they said bucaese Obama was part of Jeremiah Wright’s church, it meant that everything that has ever come out of Wright’s mouth, it meant that Obama supported it? Well, now we are learning the Blaine House Monster of Maine (he’s destroying everything in his path!) has two brothers who are registered sex offenders, so that has GOT TO MEAN the guv’nah supports pedophilia, child porn, and the raping of children! See? I learned this sort of connection-game through the right wing and Glenn Beck. You can thank me later!!!

    1. As a Chicago resident I am very fmaliiar with Ayers and his wife. The McCain campaign is overstating the relationship and besides Ayers was never convicted of anything.Perhaps someone should be questioning McCain’s judgment in placing someone on the ticket with ties to the Alaskan Indpendence Party. While she never was a member, she addressed the convention and was closely associated with another member, namely Todd Palin. The same Todd Palin who was involved in the abuse of the powers of the governor’s office in their vendetta against her brother-in-law.How about McCain’s associations with Jesse Helms? Let’s not forget his wife’s relationship with the Keatings.I realize many think Palin is good for our country, but I think McCain’s judgment in choosing her showed his true colors in pandering to the right.

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