Chuey Cazares has lived all of his 21 years in Alviso, California, a tiny hamlet, perched at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay. His close, extended Latino family has lived in this town for generations. Now sea level rise and storm surges brought on by climate change, threaten to inundate Alviso. Plans to save the town from flooding are underway, but the solution may be bitter sweet for Chuey and his family.

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This program was produced and directed by Claire Schoen. Associate Producers Vanessa Lowe and Erica Mu. Special thanks to Jan Stürmann, Stephen Most and Scott Koué.

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For the past thirty years Claire Schoen has been involved in media production, working on a wide variety of documentary and educational projects. As a producer/director, she has created several documentary films and over 20 long-format radio documentaries, as well as numerous short works. As a sound designer she has recorded, edited and mixed sound for film, video, radio, webstory, museum tour and theater productions. Claire has taught media production in several venues, including U.C. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies.

3 thoughts on “Saving Alviso

  1. Wonderful reporting! Another riveting Latino USA! Congratulations! This story personalizes climate change and brings it closer to home. Well done.

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