New York based poet Rich Villar reads one of the poems he has written for the challenge to write a daily poem for the month of April, National Poetry Writing Month.

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Rich Villar is a writer and poet from Paterson, New Jersey. He is the director of Acentos, a community organization that works to promote Latino literature. His work has appeared on Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Amistad, El Centro’s Letras, Latino Poetry Review, and the acclaimed chapbook series Achiote Seeds.

2 thoughts on “Testimonio #2

  1. Beautiful poetic work that forces one to recall the many unspoken intimacies we share with our Familias and yes, many a DREAM- Fulfilled, but mostly not. Mr. Villar continues to add ACENTOS, if you will, to his status as a powerful, leading presence in the Nuyorican Poetry and Latino Literature circles. Thank you Futuro Media Group for your share and day-to-day efforts.
    Continued successes!

    1. This is awesome. I’m a big fan of Edward James Olmos and Stand and Deliver is a great film.Congratulations on the site and the blog. I’m excteid to see pictures of Rio.

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