Immigration reform has peeped up again, and while Democrats and Republicans try out new ways to appeal to Latinos, their efforts are still in question. We speak to Angelo Falcon, the president of the National Institute for Latino Policy, for the latest on the Latino political world, and we take a look into funding disparities for Latino grassroots organization.

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Angelo Falcon is President and Co-Founder of the National Institute for Latino Policy (NiLP). Falcón has been able to combine academic and policy research with an aggressive advocacy style based on broad coalition-building and community organizing. He has become one of the longest-serving chief executives of a Latino non-profit in the country.

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  1. Nicolette, I like what you say about your own sister using (or ratehr abusing) the system and having tattoos etc ratehr than it helping her children. I believe that the welfare system needs an overhaul. There must be a new way of somewhat earning what people receive as welfare type help. It gives them some dignity and also some responsibility, as well as help keep down the outright free-loaders for the sake of being lazy. I do not like that in anyone. I hope for something that will benefit people and also not unnecessarily hamper on those that provide the funding for the help. I feel if someone really does need help they will benefit by being required to do something in return. Volunteer work of some kind maybe to help even more people let the good works flow on. I think everyone has something to offer and it could be done. Anyone unwilling to have some responsibility in earning what they get for welfare probably isn’t in enough true need and shouldn’t get it. Of course there are those that just can’t do anything. Truly disabled and must rely on others for their survival. I would never expect them to be required the same kind of actions to have help but I still feel they have things to offer that would benefit others. Their own friendship, personality, something .I feel it a terrible attitude for anyone to go to any country illegally and expect to be treated as they didn’t do something wrong. It is breaking the law. I do not like that. It is cheating, which is not the way to do things. I wouldn’t expect to be treated nicely if I was a stow away on someone else’s space, car, property or country. I do have compassion and feel badly though too. It could be so much easier for the process if it was updated. Decades to do things right is not a good way. The children of those who came illegally are in a hard spot. It was not their doing that got them here, but it can lead to more illegal things because of lack of social security numbers, paperwork identity theft, etc. Something does need to change but also not make it a slap in the face to those who have been working for so long to come legally. Put those who have been waiting at the front of the list. Rush them first make the process less complicated. Background check If you are a hard criminal, dangerous, drug dealer, etc .great reason to be rejected. For those decent people, get your pass quickly and not have to wish for a visa lottery. Everyone can start paying into the same system that we are supposed to be to help maintain this country, the roads, police, water treatment, etc. For those who came totally illegally (not that they stayed longer than papers were good for), maybe add on some extra things to become legal’. A monetary fine of automatic withholding from paychecks until it is completely paid. Something significant enough to truly be a fine and a punishment, but not totally devastating either. Those coming legally have their huge share of expenses. Any fines shouldn’t be a small percentage compared to what it would have taken doing things properly before any changes in laws.Everyone is equal and does deserve respect as a human. However, it is harder to respect a person at times if they don’t respect themselves enough to follow rules and take the high road like everyone else is expected to. Lying and cheating the system are convenient especially for those who feel trapped. If our system wasn’t so archaic, it wouldn’t be so hard for people to be here legally like it is now and we would have a lot less of the problem we currently do.

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