Immigrant women who are victims of abuse will have more reason to hide if Congress approves a new version of the Violence Against Women Act. The law, which provides legal and financial assistance to abuse victims, is up for renewal. Changes in the House version, passed May 16, threaten current protections for gays and lesbians and immigrants. We speak to Cecilia Gastón, executive director of the Violence Intervention Program, Inc., for an overview on how these changes could impact immigrant women and their families.

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Cecilia Gastón is the Executive Director of the Violence Intervention Program, Inc. Ms. Gastón has been awarded one of El Diario/La Prensa’s Outstanding Women of the Year. She has worked as Assistant Executive Director for Administration and Operations at Inwood House, one of New York City’s leading teen pregnancy prevention programs. Previously, she worked as program director of multiple supportive housing programs serving persons living with HIV/AIDS for Health Industry Resources Enterprises, Inc.

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