2 thoughts on “Hinojosa on SB 1070

  1. Hi, Maria, I was born in Mexico, I came to the USA in the sixties,I am a Usa citizen I wish that I could do something for the latino, please see if I can help, thanks Frank Alcaide.

  2. I’m imigrant from mexico. Maria quiero decirte que tu pensamiento final sobre sb 1070 tragieron lafrimas a mis ojos. I just don’t understand why en lugar de unisrnos seguimos con esta idea arcaica de dividiarnos. I wish I can do somenthing to bring everybody toghether en lugar de separnoa. Thanks maria for what you do and you whole team. I try ti listen to you show every chance I have. Uns saludo desde el area de la bahia aqui en san francisco, Ca.

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