Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona is on trial now in a federal court in Phoenix, charged with civil rights violations. Latino USA host Maria Hinojosa recently paid a visit to Arpaio and the sheriff showed her around his unorthodox open air jail, which some critics call inhumane but the Sheriff defends as tough on crime.

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Here’s more photos from Tent City:

3 thoughts on “Walking Through Tent City

  1. Why hasn’t Obama been to visit this ‘Tent City” and how can we possibly allow it to exist for one more hour in our country? Who can I write to or call that will care that I think this place is a horror and an unacceptable part of our
    American landscape?

  2. The DOJ’s suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio based upon the accusation of ralialcy profiling Latinos must be founded upon solid data FYI: USA criminal justice research has shown that within many states there have been high numbers of ralialcy profiled groups, ie Latinos wherein false accusations have been substantiated many false stops have been based upon racial profiling with follow thru citations and/or arrrests at times, the racial stopping issues have been intensified with physical abuse based upon the accused/s misinterpretation of American language & culture within that scenario similar to rattling off accusations and/or the Miranda Act & the individual/s wondering what the heck is that about the detainee/s understand/s & speak/s the English language however, the American language being spoken & understood is just at that level: sociolinguistic and/or academic understanding not definitive within the criminal justices theoretical confines so that’s where the language mis-interpretation linkage takes place, which unquestionably follows with an off to the paddy wagon serious issues.VN:F [1.9.14_1148](from 0 votes)

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