For most people who are undocumented, being detained by immigration officials is probably their biggest fear. But that’s not the case for a young group of undocumented activists who infiltrated a Florida detention center to find low priority detainees, one year since the ICE memo calling for prosecutorial discretion.

Some of the audio in this piece was provided by Alex Rivera who has been working on a documentary following the activists.

Click here to download this week’s show. Image courtesy of Flickr.



3 thoughts on “Infiltrating Broward

  1. All illegals are sinners who are stealing US resources.

    They are sinners in the eyes of God.

    Now tell that to the politicians in the Catholic Church that give them food and a place to rest just before they sneak into the United States.

    Aiding an illegal is worse than being an illegal because they betray God to look good in the eyes of man.

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