Thursday, October 18th
6-8pm | The New School

Latino voters are expected to play a pivotal role in the presidential election, just as they did in 2008. This town hall event will explore the tensions in the complex relationship that has evolved between the Latino electorate and the presidential candidates. Will economic concerns such as unemployment and housing foreclosures guide at the voting booth? Will the candidates’ immigration policies dominate? Or will large numbers of Latinos simply sit out this election? Understanding the political cross-currents buffeting Latinos today will provide valuable insight on the probable outcome of the election, as well as political and policy implications for the nation over the next four years.

Maria Hinojosa
 President, The Futuro Media Group
Jordan Fabian Political Editor, Univision News
Chung-Wha Hong Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition
Mark Hugo Lopez Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center
Fernand Amandi Partner, Bendixen and Amandi Intl.

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2 thoughts on “Who wins in November? Romney, Obama or Latinos? Find out Oct. 18

  1. I just heard the listener comment (October 13, 2012) to post the music titles on your website. You responded that they would be accessible on Twitter. But the request was not for Twitter, and will be inaccessible to so many of us. On the website, as requested specifically, is better. Don’t understand.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t make it out to this event, but I am a New School student deeply interested in this issue. I am wondering is this conversation will be made available online and if so when…

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