Latino USA producer Nadia Reiman was born in Costa Rica. She became a citizen in 2010, so this November she cast her first presidential vote.

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Nadia Reiman has been a radio producer since 2005. Before joining the Latino USA team, Nadia produced for StoryCorps for almost five years. Her work there on 9/11 stories earned her a Peabody Award. She has also mixed audio for animations, assisted on podcasts for magazines, and program managed translations for Canon Latin America. Nadia has also produced for None on Record editing and mixing stories of queer Africans, and worked on a Spanish language radio show called Epicentro based out of Washington DC. She graduated from Kenyon College with a double major in International Studies and Spanish Literature.

One thought on “NADIA’S FIRST TIME

  1. Hola, Nadia!

    Change a few things, and this could have been pretty much my own account. I too voted for the first time this year, after proudly becoming a naturalized US Citizen last year. Even though I had been living in the US first as a student, then with a work visa, then with a green card, I always felt I missed out on the previous three elections…

    As a young adult in the Dominican Republic, I only had the opportunity to vote once in a presidential election. We waited in line for several hours to get a chance to do it.

    This time I woke up early and went to vote before going to work. It was a family event: my husband Martin and our 6-year old Daniel all went together. Daniel got in the booth with me. At his age, he already understands how important this is and shares our excitement. I am sure that twelve years down the road he will be not only another voter but a responsible citizen who is engaged in the democratic process in any possible way.

    Un abrazote!


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