Every year, there is a Coquito taste contest in New York City where the audience decides which is the best of these Puerto Rican holiday drinks. Hear the sounds (and the winner) of one Coquito contest qualifier competition.

Click here to download this week’s show. Image courtesy of Why’d You Eat That (creative commons).

The winner of the Coquito Masters 2012 is Zoraida Graciani. Congrats!


  1. She’s done it again, first back to back champion and now 3 time champion. A first in the history of the International Coquito Tasting Federation.She has demonstrated to the world she is a coquito master in her own right.her coquito has been chosen by the masses and judges to be number one in the field. Whoever has tasted her coquito has come away with a sensation and satisfaction making others envy when hearing of the quality drink they had an opportunity to come upon.There are those who have searched for the golden grail and now have found it. If you ever get to taste it savior it, it’s so rare.

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