What does being in the “back of the line” mean for today’s undocumented immigrants? We speak to DREAMer Cindy about her opinion on both the Senate and the President’s proposal and her feelings on how effective either proposal would be.

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2 thoughts on “CINDY’S STORY

  1. I have to take issue with a few things that Cyndy said. She said something to the effect that her parents “had to do it to survive” or something along those lines. Millions of people live their lives in the Central American countries and Mexico without emigrating to the U.S. and not only “survive” but are able to make a living. Don’t get me wrong, the standard of living in many Central American countries and southern states of Mexico may not be on par with the U.S., but does that give the right for these people to then illegally enter the U.S. simply to improve their economic standard in life? Yes, there is extreme poverty in some of those countries, what is sad is the extreme poor in those countries are often unable to illegally emigrate to the U.S. as their countrymen.

    Another thing is that Cyndy said her parents and other aliens here illegally “deserve” citizenship. On what basis does someone who violates the immigration law and sovereignty of the U.S. border “deserve” citizenship?

    Cyndy spoke about fair. What about the millions of people from Central American countries and Mexico that are fair, play by the rules and wait months and possibly years waiting to go through the legal way, consular process, obtaining a visa and making a lawful entry into the U.S. Is it “fair” for people like Cyndy’s parents and other illegals to break the rules and then expect to benefit, perhaps at the expense of some of their fellow countrymen who didn’t break the rules?

    Cyndy spoke about those that are detained by ICE and those in immigration/removal proceedings, she even mentioned those already deported, does Cyndy not agree with the provisions of Immigration Law in the U.S. to adjudicate those cases?

    And Latino USA deals with issues related to people from the western hemisphere. How do U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent feel about immigrants from Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, if smuggling methods continue to improve through technological advances and more arrive illegally from those nations, do the U.S. citizens, I guess not only those of Hispanic descent but those who advocate “open borders” continuing to arrive?

    Lastly, “actions speak louder than words”. We have Immigration law that dictates the sovereignty of U.S. borders, legal process to visit or emigrate to the U.S. but if every so often we grant “amnesty” to those who have entered in violation of those laws, what kind fo message do you think it sends to the relatives and neighbors of those who entered illegally?

  2. I support Cindy’s arguments about the approach taken by President Obama and the committee that met with him. There is no safe space for immigrants in this country and we need for the president to stop deportations NOW! and create a safe space in the USA with the means of opportunities to “Citizenship” for all.

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