Host Maria Hinojosa travels to Guatemala for a report on the many indigenous women there who are involved in clashes with multinational mining companies that they say are despoiling the environment and threatening their way of life.

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María Emilia Martin is a pioneering public radio journalist with over two dozen awards for her work covering Latino issues and Latin America. She started her career at the first community public radio station owned and operated by Latinos in the U.S. She has developed ground-breaking programs and series for public radio, including NPR’s Latino USA, and Despues de las Guerras: Central America After the Wars. A recipient of Fulbright and Knight Fellowships, she has extensive experience in journalism and radio training, in the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and other countries.


  1. Maria, you are a powerful voice for the indigenous people of Guatemala.
    I hope all who read this will retweet and share it.

  2. This story is disturbing, Outrageous. It’s standard fare for corporations, of course. But when strong, imaginative, dedicated women gain the attention and action of the UN, and then are betrayed by not only the UN agreement, but their own government, it’s heartbreaking. And exacerbated by mainstream media ignoring the story. I had the good fortune of visiting several cities in Guatemala a couple of decades ago (and wrote about my home-stay in Todos Santos in my book: Seeing for Myself: A political traveler’s Memoir). I left half my heart there.

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