Maria Hinojosa and producer Daisy Rosario sit down to chat about that staple of the Caribbean Latino’s diet, the plantain. Or, as Daisy calls it, “the Latino potato.”


Daisy_faceDaisy Rosario is a comedian, writer and producer of things from radio stories to live events. Recently graduated from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, she also works with The Moth and the Upright CitizensBrigade Theatre. Daisy is an obsessive baseball fan.

5 thoughts on “Ode To The Plantain

  1. LOVE your platanos poem! My husband and I use maduros for canoas. Steam the ripe plantain, cut it down the center, add cooked ground beef with seasonings, and top with cheese! Delicioso!

  2. I guess I heard your ode to Plantains as a rerun on NPR today Oct 5. There was a suggestion to add recipes for plantain use, we’ll my Mother in her infinite resourcefulness once had a large party to serve and it was for prominent members of an important American company in Puerto Rico. She wanted as always to color the food with that unavoidable Latin flavor. So she served as starters, tostones with a light smear of cream cheese and caviar on top. It was such a melting pot combination of A Latino staple with the caviar that people where shocked but ever so delighted by the taste texture and combination of ingredients. It was an absolute hit and forever since, a staple at parties when she is involved.

  3. Platanos machos: very sweet: sliced lengthwise, fried in olive oil, drained, plated with a dollop of sour cream and a small sprinkling of sugar….HEAVEN!

    LatinoUSA is fabulous – Graciaz!

  4. OMG! I love the explanation of platanos as the “Latino Potato”…my favorite are Tostones; with plenty of garlic. When I want real comfort food – Maduros sprinkled with sugar…yum!

  5. why oh why do you me to “visit our website for delicious plantain recipies” . . . when there are none to be found????!

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