For this month’s News or Noise we talk to teens who make their own media about the role of radio in their lives and during an emergency. Special thanks to Sanda Htyte and the rest of the team at WNYC’s Radio Rookies, as well as all the organizers of the Digital Waves Youth Media Festival.

C1_AlexEstevezAlejandro Estevez resides in Washington Heights. He is 17 years old and attends Facing History High School. He is an aspiring Rapper & Actor and goes by the name of Alex E. Styles.




C1_BreePersonBree Person was born and raised in the south Bronx and went to Washington Irving High School. She loves writing. The only thing she loves more than that is radio journalism.



C1_DanielleMotindabakaDanielle Motindabeka is from Congo Brazzaville. She has been living in USA for over five years. She is a senior at Washington Irving High School. She wants to become a Radio or TV journalist. She also loves sport and photography.




C1_KahaliaParfaitKahalia Parfait is 17 years old and attends LaGuardia High School as a senior. She grew up mostly in Brooklyn, NY but resided in Florida in her younger years. She is interested in acting as well as exploring other majors such as ASL, Communications, and Marriage and Family Therapy in college.

C1_RobertSmith Robert Smith enjoys skateboarding, martial arts and working out. He shoots and edits videos. He came in third place at the Digital Waves Media Festival.

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