Goth culture. Is it in? Is it out? Do they even care? Hear the stories of three Latinos who found a sense of community in Goth subculture while we try to answer the question of the ages: Why are Latinos obsessed with Morrissey? It’s not just the pompadour.

Photo credit Suzy Exposito.

A2_HEADSHOT_NADIA_NOCREDITNadia Reiman has been a radio producer since 2005. Before joining the Latino USA team, Nadia produced for StoryCorps for almost five years. Her work there on 9/11 stories earned her a Peabody Award. She has also mixed audio for animations, assisted on podcasts for magazines, and program managed translations for Canon Latin America. Nadia has also produced for None on Record editing and mixing stories of queer Africans, and worked on a Spanish language radio show called Epicentro based out of Washington DC. She graduated from Kenyon College with a double major in International Studies and Spanish Literature


A2_LATINOGOTHS_SUZYEXPOSITO_HEADSHOT_NOCREDITSuzy Exposito is an illustrator, musician and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She’s a staff contributor at Rookie Mag and Bitch Magazine, and volunteers at the Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls. She’s living out her teen dream as the singer for feminist punk band Shady Hawkins. You can keep up with her on Twitter via @msmalcriada.



A2_LATINOGOTHS_HEADSHOT_PABLOPOFFALD_NOCREDITPablo Poffold is a 3D Artist who originally hails from a small town in Indiana. He was born in the U.S. to Chilean parents, and spent his childhood and adolescence drawing, painting, tinkering with digital art and audio software, and playing video games. He now works in the video game industry and feels very lucky to spend his daisy making art for a living. You can find his website at www.

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