While women of all kinds have to worry about body image, for Latinas, navigating cultural differences can make things complicated. Maria Hinojosa is joined by blogueras Patricia Valoy and Kassandra Peña to discuss body hair, thigh gaps, and being Latina.

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Kassandra Peña, 24, is a graduate from San Jose State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and an academic focus in Spanish. Kassandra currently holds the title of Miss San Jose Latina and her future dreams include visiting all 50 U.S states and working within the media and entertainment industry. Aside from blogging, reading and attending weekly Pilates classes, she also enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs. Photo courtesy of Kassandra Peña.
B1_PatriciaPatricia Valoy is a  feminist blogger  and a trained Civil Engineer. She combines her experiences as a Latina and an engineer to advocate and inspire girls considering careers in the fields of STEM. Patricia also speaks and writes on a variety of issues affecting the Latin@ community including safe abortion access, racism, immigration, cultural and religious pressures, and living at the intersection of two cultures. Photo courtesy of Patricia Valoy.

2 thoughts on “Blogueras: Latina Body Image

  1. Lately Ive been chatting with an American lady who claims that most women shave their pubics. She implies im ignorant because I keep telling her that I dont know. I cant say that all women shave their pubic are when I have not seen them all. She is even saying that latinas are doing it also. Id like to really know if she is right.

  2. In this Podcast there are 3 Women talking. The first is the host. She introduces 2 guest : Patricia Valoe who writes at patricia valoe hotspot , and Cassandra Pena who writes at lovecassiep. In this podcast the women discuss Latina body image and the forces of media and society and how many young women fall into the dangers of defining themselves by common societal norms and trends.As well as falling into the trap of obeying by unspoken rules that pertain to Womanhood. Both guest discuss experiences that further confirms the habits, and entitlement of our society when it involves women. During the podcast, Patricia recalled a time when she went to visit her fiance who’s Egyptian’s family.Patricia remembers they were preparing her, observing her and looking at her carefully and commenting a certain things like her body hair. She explains how they pushed for her to get her facial hair removed. She also explained how she felt very uncomfortable and a bit invaded. The women discussed how many times there are these ideas placed on women, certain unfair standards on how women should be. Too much facial hair, like the facial hair you have on your private area is considered “unhygienic and unpleasant for me” -Cassandra Pena

    A little later int he podcast, Cassandra talks about a certain trend the involves the measurements of thigh gaps on young women. This kind of trend sends the wrong message to all groups involve, both men and women. Trend is like this say that we are only as good as the shapes of our bodies, that we’re only has good as you looks.These trends say that women are just walking entertainment for everyones in enjoyment, that women are plastic and objects. It tells young women that “I will only be worth anything to anyone or any man if I I measure correctly, or dress a certain way”, This idea, limits us by the re role society tells we should play. To everyone we are nothing more than a blank canvas for society to paint on. Cassandra’s goal is to continue to spread positivity about body images. she wants to educate and make women aware that you don’ t have to shave in order to feel sexy and good. You don’t have to measure any gaps.

    I feel that a good thesis will be something like : Women and the painting they painted of me.

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