In the last few years theres been a big push on the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and careers.

As part of our first hour long episode in September we introduced you to four Latinas we dubbed the STEM Sisters. Alma, Marcela, Sonia, and Xochyl met at DePaul University in Chicago while getting degrees in environmental studies. They noticed each other over their years at college because they were the only Latinas in their classes.

When we first spoke with them they had just graduated and were figuring out what to do next. Now a few months later, we talk to three of the STEM sisters about looking for work, trying to figure out how to start STEM careers, and looking forward to 2014.

Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images

4 thoughts on “Catching Up With The Stem Sisters

  1. Came to your Website to listen to a piece that was supposed to air this week re: Charismatic Catholics. Couldn’t find it. Is it available?

  2. I just listened to “catching up with the STEM Sisters on -line and I was delighted. Let me know if you ever resolve how to find mentors for STEM La

    1. oops, I didn’t get to finish my comment above…find mentors for STEM Latinas. After reading “Lean In,” the author said you cannot ask someone to be your mentor, they have to find you–makes if very difficult if you haven’t travelled in those circles before.

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