Justin Bieber’s recent confrontations with the law have sparked a new campaign among immigrant advocates: #Undeportable. Beyond a petition with over 100,000 signatures asking the White House to deport the pop star, many people are taking selfies, photoshopping blonde hair and blue eyes over the picture, and posting them with the hashtag #undeportable. Christian Henriquez, contributor for Latino Rebels, tells us about the campaign and why people have latched onto it. Also, the Latino USA team (@latinousa) weighs in on the facts behind the story.

IMAG0091_1Christian Henriquez is a contributor to Latino Rebels. He is also the host, founder, and producer of One Voice Radio.


2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: Undeportable?

  1. I really enjoyed your discussion on the kerfuffle (Canadian for bruhaha) over the problems of mi pobre paisano Justin Bieber. I liked the format of the informal talk among your staffers, who would be experts in these issues if anyone is.

    Keep up the good work!

    Lawrence in Los Angeles

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