For this week’s take on Sabiduría, or words of wisdom, Latino USA host Maria Hinojosa addresses the live audience about what democracy sounds like.

Segment highlights: 

 “I think I speak for my staff when I say we do this show because we care about the stories we report. Whether it’s young women

becoming scientists; deportees, long dead, who are finally named; talking to those people out there who remind us: democracy…The way we live…It’s bigger than just casting a vote.

It’s talking to your friends about what you hear. It’s the courage to defend the humanity of your undocumented friends. It’s going on hunger strike to protest deportations as our president claims he’s helpless to stop his own policies.

Policies that have been called out by the national council of La Raza, yes. But also Republicans…The former commerce secretary…Former SEC commissioners…Even, yes, George W. Bush.

But immigration policies and the massive number of deportations aren’t going to change by themselves. You might have forgotten, it’s an election year, and we have maybe the most ineffective congress in the history of our country.

This same congress has failed to pass any kind of legislation regarding immigration. So where does change, Real change, progress, and humanity start?

In our homes. On our school boards. In our city councils. With your county sherriffs.

This is what democracy looks like.

It’s bigger than voting. It’s tweeting. It’s sharing. It’s bringing our social capital to social media. It’s making ourselves heard, and making those we love visible.

Like the hunger strikers. Like the dream nine. Each and every one of us.”


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