In Colombia, rural villagers who fled their homes during the long years of civil war can now go back. Initially displaced and forced into urban areas, these villagers had a hard time adjusting to city life. Now, though, they find that their children have adapted in ways the older generations hasn’t, and that they are returning to a home that is not quite the same as it was when they left. Reporter Jennifer Dunn meets a family of aging coffee farmers who are trying to make a new start on their land in the face of immense odds.



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Jennifer DunnJennifer Dunn is a freelance radio producer based in Colombia. She is currently working on stories related to the nation’s HIV/AIDS epidemic, implementation of Colombia’s land restitution laws, demobilization of paramilitary forces, and farmers’ experiences with government coca eradication efforts. She was a 2006 International Reporting Project Fellow and 2012 recipient of the PRX Global Story Project award.

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