The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, resulted in millions more people being signed up for health insurance. But some folks are still uninsured, especially the undocumented. Reporter Lisa Morehouse takes us to places in California where the struggle to care for–and insure–undocumented Californians is still going on.




Lisa-Morehouse-150x150Lisa Morehouse is an award-winning independent public radio and print journalist, who’s filed for KQED’s The California Report, NPR’s Latino USA and All Things Considered, Edutopia magazine and McSweeney’s. Her reporting has taken her from Samoan traveling circuses to Mississippi Delta classrooms to the homes of Lao refugees in rural Iowa.  She’s currently working on After The Gold Rush: The Future of Rural California, an audio documentary website and series. A former public school teacher, Morehouse also works with at-risk youth to produce radio diaries.



Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Patrick Pelster

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