More and more Americans started tuning in to Team USA’s matches in this year’s World Cup in Brazil. The US’s heart stopping match against Portugal became the most watched soccer event in US TV history. It’s still unclear if the soccer hype will outlast the tournament — especially now that the US National Team is out. But one thing is certain: soccer is especially popular among Latinos in the United States. And as reported by our former producer Brenda Salinas, Latinos have divided allegiances when it comes to the World Cup. We continue our coverage of the World Cup by taking to the streets of Queens, in New York City, at one of the most demographically diverse places in the nation, to ask Latinos of different national origins who they’re rooting for this World Cup.

We found strong rooting for the countries of origin for immigrants, first and second generation Latinos. And we also found support and excitement for the US National team. And when it comes down to it, even if Mexico, Colombia, Argentina or Costa Rica were to face off against the U.S., Latinos don’t feel like picking a side. Some of them even enjoy the benefits of rooting for two national teams.


Our interns Roxane L. Scott and Sarah Barrett contributed reporting for this piece. 

Cover photo by Getty Images.  

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