More and more, our global society is measuring a country’s degree of freedom by its treatment of the Internet, and Cuba has some of the most restrictive Internet access in the world. There is only one internet provider, the cost is prohibitive for most citizens, and most anti-government content is blocked. So for Cuban technophile Yoani Sanchez to continue to publish her now infamous blog Generación Y, which is fiercely critical of her government’s censorship and authoritarianism, is to continue to face risk.

Host Maria Hinojosa sat down with Yoani Sanchez where they talked about her passion for technology, the motivation behind her work, and the deep love she has for her country.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images


Yoani Sanchez graduated from the University of Havana. She returned to Cuba from a stay in Switzerland, where she began blogging on Generation Y. Her blog is widely translated around the world.

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