Juana Molina live on Latino USA and Sound Check at WNYZ's Greene Space.

Juana Molina plays music from her most recent album Wed 21 and Maria Hinojosa and Soundcheck’s John Schaefer talk to her about leaving television and creating the work she wants to create.

You can watch her performance here.


fotonoticia_20131120133150_465  Juana Molina stands out as one of the most talented Argentinian singer-composers of her generation. Raised in a family of tango musicians, Molina first made her name as an actress, starring in a quirky and popular sketch comedy show titled “Juana y Sus Hermanas.” Since 1996 she has released six albums as a musician to great acclaim in South America, the US and Europe – most recently 2013’s Wed 21. Her music skirts many lines: both experimental and pop, electronic and acoustic, contemporary, yet rooted in Argentinean folk music.




Photo by Michael Katzif

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