Microvideo-sharing social media app Vine has not even reached the tender age of two, yet it’s already launching careers and allowings its top users to profit from their six-second videos–even live off of them. If you haven’t heard of Vine, your teenager probably has; the six-second videos are a hit among that demographic, which has led to swarms of fans crowding to see their favorite Vine stars at the mall or at new social media conventions like DigiTour and MAGCON. Recently, two Vine celebrities, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas, even signed a movie deal to cash in on their success.

Latinos are no stranger to Vine either, so producer Michael Simon Johnson spoke with David Lopez, who is solidly located in the top 50 Viners and has over 3 million followers, to find out the secret behind this modern form of success.

Here are some of David Lopez’s Vine videos:

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