Latino USA goes on a quest to find good Mexican Food in New York City. We decided to focus on three neighborhoods: Corona in Queens, Loisiada in Manhattan, and Sunset Park in Brooklyn. Each neighborhood had its unique vibe and all had delicious food.

We learn about the expansive Pueblan community in New York City and visit a very popular food truck. Tell us about your favorite Mexican food spots! Tweet at us at @LatinoUSA.


In Corona Queens we went to a restaurant called Tulcingo, where the tacos were overloaded with guacamole. 




There was a deer head on the wall!



Zaragoza is in the Lower East Side, commonly called Loisiada because it sounds like Lower East Side pronounced with a spanish accent. 



Tacos El Branco is a chain of taco trucks that can be found in Brooklyn. 

All photos courtesy of Antonia Cereijido.  

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