Workers in New York City’s food manufacturing industry work long weeks for low wages. Unions have steadily disappeared over the years in NYC food processing plants where its 14 000 workers make about 6 dollars less than the industry as a whole, according to a survey by Brandworkers – a community organizing group for workers in the food processing industry.

Maria Corona worked at Flaum’s Appetizing, a kosher pickle and hummus factory in Brooklyn. Maria says she worked long days without breaks for only $3.75/hour. When she realized she was entitled to better wages, she and her coworkers got organized. Their protests, however, fell on deaf ears. Enter Ari Hart, a Rabbi who founded the Tav HaYosher – an organization dedicated to fighting worker exploitation.

Together, Maria Corona and Rabbi Ari Hart campaigned for better treatment and to get paid the minimum wage.

Photo by Mario Tama via Getty Images

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