When it comes to the intersection of Asian and Latin cultures, a large emphasis is often placed on food fusion. Chino-Latino restaurants, Korean taco trucks, and other fashionable hybrids are delicious, but they may obscure the real challenges of blending two cultures together. Hyphen Magazine editor Abigail Licad joins Maria Hinojosa to bond over their shared food favorites, and to help move the Asian-Latino conversation beyond the kitchen.

Abigail Licad profile shot--by Damien Maloney

Abigail Licad is the editor in chief of Hyphen, an Asian American culture and politics magazine ( She immigrated with her family to the San Francisco Bay Area from the Philippines at age 13. She received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and her master’s degree in literature from Oxford University. She has heard Filipinos referred to as “the Asian Mexicans” and totally loves it!





Photo by Michelle Lee via Flickr. 

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