With her energetic and knowledgeable vibe, Annette Perel will walk us through different experiences she has had being a doula including, home births, hospital births and even births with other children around the room.

This professional helps the mother, the partner and the entire family, to receive the baby in the best way possible. With a mix of wisdom, training, natural therapies and woman intuition doulas really make a difference and help deliver babies with less suffering. They are also responsible for lowering the Caesarean section rates in the U.S. and speeding up the bonding and breast feeding process between the mother and the infant.



Annette Perel was born in New York and spent her youth in Panama, where her parents are from originally. She has been a doula for 12 years and has attended more than 1000 births. Perel is a DONA international certified birth doula and trained postpartum doula and is also the cofounder of Growing up bilingual in two different cultures, New York and Panama, Annette draws from a time-honored tradition in which supporting women is an integral part of community life. She has a respect for and interest in exploring different parenting styles and traditions and she is also Danny’s mom, a boy born in 2005.







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