On the Web, Latino media can be categorized into one of two ways: Mainstream sites that designate certain spaces for Latinos–think Huffington Post’s Latino Voices, Fox News Latino or the now defunct NBC Latino.

Then there are places like BuzzFeed and Quartz, which incorporate diverse voices into their mainstream coverage without relegating them to specific areas of their sites.

“I always say, I wake up in the morning and I don’t say, ‘I’ve got to see what my Latinos are doing’ and I’m going to go to a Latino section of a site,” says Adrian Carrasquillo, BuzzFeed’s editor of Latino coverage. “I’m a New Yorker, I’m a Yankees fan, I’m a bunch of different things. When I see those stories that matter to me, I will click them.”

Carrasquillo adds that Latino-specific stories will not necessarily be on the front page every day, or they might just be invisible. “There’s ways that things can be Latino not with just saying ‘Latino.’ We’ll do posts on Ways You Know You Grew Up With A Latino Parent, and we die laughing about those stories.”

Latin music and culture site Remezcla takes a similar approach. They don’t explicitly state their Latinidad, but rather assume its mainstream identity. “Latin culture is mainstream,” says Remezcla’s senior editor Andrea Gompf. “It’s everywhere and it touches everything.”

CEO Andrew Herrera says that his site is focused on targeting people who shift between cultures. “The most relevant thing you can do to people who are bicultural is to create something that doesn’t alienate anybody.”

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