Photo above shows Latino USA producer Marlon Bishop’s reporting partner in Honduras, Inmer Chevez.


A few months ago, Latino USA producer Marlon Bishop went on a reporting trip to Honduras to investigate some hairy topics: gangs, murder, forced migration. Honduras is known as the world’s “murder capital”—it has the highest murder rate on the planet, by far. But Marlon was working alongside veteran Honduran journalists, and as long as they didn’t seem worried, he figured he didn’t have to be either.


But for those Honduran journalists, the worry is constant and just under the skin. Over fifty journalists and communication workers have been killed in Honduras since 2003, according to the Comité por la Libre Expresión, a local NGO. Inmer Chevez, a reporter from Radio Progreso has received numerous death threats over the years. He says every time a car pulls up next to his, he thinks about the bullet that’s been promised to him.

In this reporter’s notebook, Marlon reflects on the differences between being a reporter in the U.S. and in Honduras, where your life is always on the line.

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