-Cafe Cafe by Radio Jarocho

-Emilia by Ana Tijoux

-Los aguacates by Juan Cirerol

-Una Copa Más by Los Panchos

-Tabu by Chucho Valdes

-Vuelve a Casa by Ana Prada

-Tu Casa, Mi Casa by Yerba Buena

-U R The 1 by José James

-Lover Man by Billie Holiday

-Lover Man by José James

-All of Me by Billie Holiday

-Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday

-Strange Fruit by José James

-God Bless the Child by José James

-Tenderly by José James

-Button Mushrooms by Podington Bear

-Funky Suspense by Ben Sound

-Wonder Cycle by Chris Zabriskie

-CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie

-Prelude No. 13 by Chris Zabriskie

-Bebo by Chucho Valdes

-Thames Town by Hauschka

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