Antena Los Ángeles, an interpretation, translation and language justice group, is committed to socially-conscious language interpretation. Their focus is on ensuring that the public event spaces they interpret for are fully bilingual or multilingual, so that no one language dominates over another.

For this week’s Sabiduría, we hear from Antena members Jen Hofer, Ana Paula Noguez Mercado and Miguel Morales Cruz on how they approach language interpretation and what we can learn from thinking about language justice.


Antena works with individuals and organizations doing interpretation, translation, and workshops on language justice and interpreting for the social justice context. The group was founded in 2010by Jen Hofer (Los Angeles) and John Pluecker (Houston). In 2014, Jen Hofer, Miguel Morales Cruz and Ana Paula Noguez Mercado co-founded Antena Los Ángelesdedicated to language justice advocacy and organizing locally in Los Angeles. Language justice is the idea that everyone has the basic human right to speak in the language in which we feel most comfortable; Antena’s work is geared toward creating spaces where everyone present can participate fully with no one language dominating the others. Antena works to foster open communication and attentive listening across languages and cultures, in the belief that language justice is part of social justice.


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