Please indulge us a for a few minutes, since we have some exciting news to share. This weekend, our show will be all about béisbol (or pelota, if you’re old-school caribeño like me). Our producer Michael Simon Johnson was featured in Sunday’s Daily News, where he gave listeners just a taste of why he and the team decided to dedicate an entire hour to the national pastime and the sport’s Latino influences. As I write this, I can barely contain my giddiness in what we will be sharing with you in a few days. That’s the reason why I took to Twitter earlier today and made this very simple request:

The responses so far have made me smile. A lot. So many of you chiming in. Not surprisingly, the debate is getting heated (Pedro? Clemente? Fernando? Mariano?). And then there is this, perhaps one of the greatest publicity photos ever taken in the history of the modern world (name the five players here and I will be impressed):

Based on the responses we have gotten so far from my tweet, we thought it would be interesting to create an actual survey for our listeners. It takes a minute or two to complete. Here it is (link):

Create your own user feedback survey

Check back later this week before the show and we will share the final results! Meanwhile, I leave you with this gem from 2002:

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