As I begin to write more pieces for each week, I had a crazy idea that we should at least share some of the stories our team has read and discussed both internally and with our social community. I hadn’t planned to give this feature some fancy name (feel free to tweet me if you have a suggestion), but since our show is a weekly show, many listeners have asked us: do you guys do anything else besides produce a weekly national radio show?

The short answer is yes

The longer answer is that we are constantly looking for stories: whether we’re getting pitches from you (submit your ideas here) or if we’re reading, checking our feeds, watching videos or listening to other podcasts.We are so much more than just your favorite show (yay!), and my hope is that each week, we will try to present more of the day-to-day in our editorial world..  With that said, the simplest way to start is to just tell you about the top stories we found this week that we shared with our Facebook and Twitter communities. Here goes:

What was the most popular Facebook story of the week?

This past Tuesday, we posted a Texas Observer story that has led to 300+ shares and a ton of Facebook comments (ok, about 30, but that’s a lot of comments!). What was the story about? Some parts of Texas are not issuing birth certificates to children born in the United States to undocumented parents. If you haven’t read the piece, go here. Meanwhile, I wanted to share a few comments from our Facebook fans:

“As routinely as Texas intentionally works to violate the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, particularly the first, fourth, fifth, ninth, fourteenth, fifteenth and twenty-fourth amendments, it would seem time for our federal government to act so as to hold the Texas government responsible for such violations of the rights of citizens of the United States of America, and for its violations of the enumerated rights of non-citizens in the United States.”

“I cannot think of a single legitimate reason not to accept a foreign passport or matricula consular as forms of I.D. for the parent of a US citizen. This is disgusting how transparent this bigotry is.”

“What a disgrace for our great state. Hopefully these families can resolve this issue soon. These children are U.S. citizens.”

What was the most popular Twitter story of the week?

The Observer story also got attention on Twitter, but two other stories are also getting noticed. The first one? Rita Moreno being named a 2015 Kennedy Center Honors recipient. I will attest to this: when our team heard the news in our Harlem office, we were thrilled. We even got to revisit this amazing 40-minute 2014 interview Moreno had with Maria Hinojosa.

The other story came from Univision Noticias. Earlier this mornig, the news outlet published a bilingual report about the U.S. Latino electorate. It is a fascinating read for all you political geeks out there, as well as for podcast people like us, since our team is in the middle of planning its 2016 election coverage.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow is Friday, which means another new show will be up. (You can subscribe to the show right now.) See you online, and seriously, if you have any suggestions, don’t be shy. Tweet me. I will respond.

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