You want to know why I still love Twitter? The answer is simple: because some of the best digital ideas pop up in a place this is so often misunderstood and underestimated. Take the case of @ChicanoPlanner, who earlier today tweeted this to our @LatinoUSA account:

As you might imagine, I got a bit giddy when I saw the tweet. I mean, getting an unsolicited fan video via Twitter featuring one of our tracks, with gorgeous summer images of Chicago as the backdrop? These types of videos don’t come in every day, so I tweeted @ChicanoPlanner to see if he would email me the actual file. Of course, we would credit him.

He happily did, and told me the following via email: “This is what I listen to on my commute, keep up the great work!”

Within the past hour, I posted the video to our Facebook page.

I also uploaded it to our YouTube channel:

This is how I giddy I got. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea’s quaint creativity, so much so that if anyone else wants to send a fan video our way showing how YOU listen to Latino USA, you can tweet me @julito77 and tag @LatinoUSA.

By the way, the audio @ChicanoPlanner used for his fan video is the introduction to a June segment produced by Antonia Cereijido about Operation Pedro Pan. Give it a full listen here:

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