Riddle me this. (I have always wanted to start a digital post with that sentence.)

But seriously…

This Friday August 14, Latino USA premieres a new show. It’s about music, although it’s not just about music. I mean (and I can’t reveal much), it’s about music that is “off beat.” (Not offbeat—there’s a difference.)

Producer Marlon Bishop and our Music Consultant Nadia Reiman will co-host the show. They both love music. A lot. In fact, our entire Latino USA loves music. A lot.

Anyway, we decided to do a little preshow promo for the show. After brainstorming with Marlon, Nadia and the rest of the team about what the show will cover, we decided to create this little video riddle teaser to get you ready for the August 14 premiere (subscribe to iTunes if you haven’t yet). Because of this video idea, I can proudly announce that we now have an official Preshow Video Riddle of the Week. Don’t expect a weekly series just yet because I want to know first if you like this idea or not. So, here is the video riddle:

The answer to the video is pretty obvious, right? I mean, you won’t win anything—except for the bragging rights to say you were the FIRST one to share the winning response with me.

Tweet me @julito77 or comment below.

Thanks to Marlon for the audio tracks and the entire Latino USA team for the inspiration and support.

Stay tuned for the latest show this Friday, August 14!

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