Unless you are literally not on social media, you must already know about last night’s press conference confrontation between Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. After Ramos was escorted from the room and before he returned to the press conference, a video of a Trump supporter telling Ramos to “get out of my country” has also emerged. Our team shared all these videos and links in the last 12 hours, and we asked our community: What do you think? What follows are comments from our Facebook page and Twitter account. In short, the vast majority of followers sided with Ramos and supported him.

From Jennifer Duronio: “I too hope Univision doesn’t let this go. Jorge Ramos is an esteemed journalist deserving of all due respect, even if Trump doesn’t want to answer his questions.”

From Rachel Garcia: “Where are all the other journalists standing up for our guy Jorge????? He’s a very established and respected journalist for decades and no one even blinks!”

From Roberto Icon:“THIS will trigger a war between Trump and Univision. Univision has the power to move masses against Trump of course. He seemed to forget how Obama won the past two elections.”

From Angel Partida: “Did any other members of the so called media even ask the same question? Or were scared they would also be ejected? I’m curious…”

From Stella Stella Bobella: It’s almost surreal the way it really deeply offends some people, to have to face & accept ‘foreigners’ who are US citizens. It must be easier for them to justify hate on someone undocumented, but those who have the audacity to be legal citizens??! I find them greedy, ignorant, and without class (to put it mildly). I know many agree, yet the socially conscious, the compassionate, progressive minds are not as loud as these others. That is all people who support Trump have: loudness. It will be an utter tragedy (for lack of a better word), if the rest of us let something so weak and ridiculous, as terror screams and tantrums, lead to the damage OUR country beyond repair. We *must* get out to vote. Some things do work themselves out- this, is not one of those things. Regardless of how bored w/politics, politicians, or the news in general we may be, pretending it’s not our problem, will lead us deeper into far worse problems we won’t be able to escape. Vote!”

You can read additional comments at this Facebook post, as well as this one.

Twitter was no different, as many expressed the same support for Ramos:

@TesaChambers tweeted this:

This is what @quinteroclan said:

Finally, @librotraficante shared this meme:

Maria Hinojosa also tweeted several times last night:

Maria’s tweets generated several responses:

I shared a quote Ramos gave in Spanish during the Univision broadcast, which I loosely translated into English:

That tweet also many responses, as expected. Here is just a sample of those responses:

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