Marlon Bishop and Fernanda Echavarri take us on a journey through Tucson’s music scene. Although there is all sorts of music made in Tucson, several groups from the city have a what has been called a”desert noir” sound—with influences ranging from pysch rock to spaghetti Western soundtracks and music from Latin America. Tuscon is 70 miles from the US-Mexico border, so it’s only natural that rythmns and instruments from Mexico are very present in the city’s sounds. We feature bands like Calexico, Vox Urbana and Sergio Mendoza Y Orkestra—any of which make an ideal soundtrack for driving through the desert.

We also added some YouTube videos of the bands our segment discussed.

Vox Urbana: Cuentan Los Cerros

Calexico: Falling From the Sky

Sergio Mendoza: Mambo in the Dark

Chica Dust: El Milagro Verde

Photo of Vox Urbana via VoxUrbana

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