Meet Vanessa Ruiz. A few weeks ago, she joined Phoenix’s Channel 12 News as a new anchor. Before going to Phoenix, Ruiz did the morning show for KNBC in Los Angeles.

According to social media and a Buzzfeed article published earlier today, the bilingual Ruiz was getting criticized for the way she was pronouncing words in Spanish:

This past Monday, Ruiz went on television to explain:

She also wrote an opinion piece where she stated the following: I seized the moment to address some viewer inquiries wondering why I pronounce certain words in Spanish in just that – Spanish. I was raised speaking both languages and for me, certain words just sound better when said in their natural way. It really is that simple. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Now that Ruiz’s video has gotten some attention, many people are tweeting her support. Here are just a few examples:

Although, not everyone has been supportive:

What do you think of what Ruiz had to say? Tweet @LatinoUSA, me @julito77 or add your comments below.

Photo via 12News

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