As part of a Globo News special about immigration, Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa predicted that Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump will not become the next President of the United States.

“Donald Trump can say whatever he wants, he’s not going to be able to win this presidency,” Hinojosa told correspondent Jorge Pontual last week. “The numbers just don’t play out. And that’s part of the new America, which is, in order for you to win, you actually have to get the non-white vote.”

Hinojosa’s analysis is similar to what some Republican observers, including Karl Rove, have been saying since Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election to Barack Obama. Nonetheless, others who follow the GOP believe that Trump’s high unfavorable ratings with U.S. Latinos won’t have any impact in the end and could result in Trump winning the Republican nomination.

In addition to her prediction about Trump’s general election prospects, Hinojosa also revisited her comment that Trump’s “Go back to Univision” remark to journalist Jorge Ramos is an example of “hate speech.”  Hinojosa also told Pontual that despite Trump’s immigration rhetoric, “the Democratic party is not the salvation.”

“Neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton have said anything extraordinary, marking a line between them and Trump, and what he is saying,” Hinojosa said.

Here is a video of all the Hinojosa clips from the Globo segment.

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