Yesterday, Latino USA anchor and Futuro Media Group founder Maria Hinojosa penned a HuffPost Latino Voices response to a recent op-ed by Hillary Clinton, who wrote that “she will always stand with the Latino community.” In that op-ed, Clinton also wrote that she stands “with Maria Hinojosa, who founded the Futuro Media Group to tell stories of the overlooked and underrepresented.” Maria was one of several prominent Latinos mentioned in Clinton’s op-ed.

You can read Maria’s entire response to Clinton hereHere is an excerpt of what Maria published:

“…the real proof of Clinton’s stand with Latinos —or the commitment of any of the candidates for that matter— will be if they create access points for us to discuss the issues Latinos care about. Will they recognize that just like the rest of America, Latinos also worry about our children, our aging parents and grandparents, want access to educational opportunities, job training and healthcare, to support innovation, and we yearn for access to new technologies and new opportunities? We also care about families being torn apart, about US citizen children growing up in fear because their parents were, like me, born in another country. And we care about due process and the conditions inside immigrant detention centers.”

Read more at HuffPost Latino Voices.

Featured image of Clinton via Hillary for Iowa.




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