On the heels of Hispanic Heritage Month, HuffPost Latino Voices published a new “Latinos Break the Moldphoto project that tries to answer one question many have asked but few have really answered: Who are Latinos?

It’s a special moment for Latinos in this country. We’ve passed the tipping point. Politically and with our buying power, we have become a force. As our influence continues to grow, the question now is: Who are Latinos? This photo essay is a response to that question. As a community we sometimes struggle to define our identity because we are diverse, but we are also deeply connected. We find strength in numbers while trying to reconcile our differences.

The series features actors such as John Leguizamo, Dascha Polanco and Anthony Mendez, but also includes unknowns and up-and-coming voices.

Break The Mold 2 (3)

You can read the whole series hereHuffPost is also asking people to tweet their thoughts to #LatinosBreakTheMold and join the conversation.

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