Now that Donald Trump’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance has come and gone, here are five post-show takeaways you should know:

The ratings were SNL’s highest since 2012.
According to reports, the Trump SNL show was “Saturday’s most-watched program in primetime or late-night on the broadcast networks and it was up 53% from last November’s average, according to preliminary ratings.” 

The show was panned.
Just read the New York Times (“obvious, anemic political riffs and apolitical sketches that were cringeworthy all around”), TIME (“The show was at odds with itself in a manner that made truly bad TV.”) or this review from the state Trump where claims Latinos love him: Nevada (“Most of the sketches involving Trump were weak, timid or predictable…”).

SNL’s “Latino Problem” showed up yet again.
If you are going to at least bring up the whole Mexico wall thing, have your writers and talent do some heavy lifting and be funny. The whole moment where a non-Latino actor played Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto in a skit and Trump tossed a line about how happy he was that Telemundo was now all-English put me to sleep. It was painful. It was typical SNL: once again show no actual comedic intelligence or wit when it comes to Latinos. The Chico Escuela “baseball’s bin berry berry berry good to me” motif continues.

In addition, not to get picky:

Those who protested say they are not giving up.
Fox News Latino reported this yesterday:

The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA), along with the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), plan to hold a “Latino Media Summit” to discuss the fallout within the community of the real estate mogul hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

“As a follow up to NBC’s failure to rescind SNL’s Host invitation to Donald Trump, despite the offensive comments he has made to Mexican immigrants,” Felix Sanchez, the chairman of the NHFA told Fox News Latino in an email.  “The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA) is organizing, in concert with the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), a Latino Media Summit to discuss the events that lead to this disastrous outcome and marginalization of Latino perspective on the matter.”

Sanchez added: “We will invite NBC President Steve Burke and SNL’s Lorne Michael to attend and discuss the issue with National Latino leaders and the members of the U.S. Congressional Hispanic Caucus.”

Many expressed interest in focusing on the companies that advertised during the show.

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