The following 136-page document is yesterday’s complete decision by the 5th District Court of Appeals to uphold a block on President Obama’s immigration action that would have deferred deportation for an estimated 5 million immigrants.

Decision from the 5th District Court of Appeals by Latino USA

The administration’s decision was widely expected, and sets up a potential high-stakes court battle over Obama’s immigration policies in the midst of an election year.

Immigrant-rights advocates and the White House see a favorable high court decision as the last hope for the programs to begin before President Obama leaves office.

By making a swift decision to appeal, the administration increased the likelihood the Supreme Court will be able to take up the case during its current term, which ends next June.

Once the Justice Department files a petition for the high court to hear the case, Texas and 25 other states suing over the programs will have 30 days to file an opposition brief. 

It’s unclear whether the justices will decide to hear the case; they must vote by mid-January to ensure a decision is made in the current term.

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