A new Medium series created last month by journalist Rachel Glickhouse is trying to address an immigration issue that continues to be used (some might say overused) by politicians: the call for immigrants to “get in line” for legal status.

The series is calling for contributors to post on Medium with the tag MyTimeinLine or by just adding their thoughts to Glickhouse’s original post. Some of the questions the series is asking include the following: What was your journey like to live in the U.S.? Did you start out on a visa or undocumented? Do you have a green card, or are you trying to get one? Did you experience a long wait? Are you still waiting?

So far more than 20 people have written specific posts, including one essay from immigrant rights activist Angy Rivera, who recently told her story to Latino USA:

The Medium posts are categorized into different topics: “Green card sagas,” “Navigating visa limbo,” “Becoming a refugee,” “Winning citizenship,” “Giving up on the line” and “Surviving bureaucracy.” There is also a gif created by Vikram Babu that Medium is encouraging contributors to use:


Featured image: People celebrate after taking the citizenship oath to become US citizens during a naturalization ceremony at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia, 2015.(SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

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